2016 - 71st Annual Rice Festival

  • The 2016 Rice Festival runs from
  • October 6th thru October 9th
  • Queens Pageant is on Saturday, October 1 at 7:00 PM at the Keye-Ingram Auditorium.
  • Festival is held at the Matagorda County Fairgrounds.
  • Free parking all around the fairgrounds.
  • $20 VIP parking passes available.

  • Rice Dish Roundup will be held on Monday October xx
  • Public viewing of Rice Dishes will be from 4 to 6 PM on that day.
  • Award ceremony will be held in the Fairgrounds Multi-purpose building starting at 6 PM

Pageant Dates

Wednesday September 21th at 5:00 PM
Service Center

Thursday September 29th at 5 - 7 PM
Keye-Ingram Auditorium

Queen's Tea
Saturday October 1st 10 - 12 PM (Lunch)
Bay City Country Club

Queen's Pagent
Saturday October 1st 5:30 PM
Keye-Ingram Auditorium

Rice Festival Parade
Saturday October 8th, 2016
(Service Center to Courthouse)

Pageant Info


  1. The contestant must be a single female, not have been married or had a marriage annulled, had no Children, and must remain single during her reign or forfeit her crown.
  2. The contestant must be a full time high school senior, must be younger than 21 years old, as of October 1st, of the pageant year (2016) and must be a resident of Matagorda County or attend high school in Matagorda County.
  3. The contestant must have a sponsor. The sponsor may be a civic club, non-profit organization, business or individual.
  4. A completed Entry Form with the entry fee and required photos must be received on or before Tuesday September 29, 2016. Entry fee: $200 (payable to the Bay City Lions Club)
  5. A 5"x 8" Bio/Introduction Card typed in a 14 (or larger) font for the MC must also be included with Entry Form. Information should include name, parents, sponsor, school, hobbies, clubs & organizations, special awards, future plans. This should be written in third person and not exceed 100 words.
  6. Photos required - two (2) of the same, 4" x 6" vertical (black and white or color, glossy head and shoulders or bust only - no profiles). All pictures must be taken by Photo/Graphics by September 23rd!
  7. The contestant must be of good moral character and never have been convicted of any crime, with the exception of Class C traffic offense.
  8. If the contestant violates the Controlled Substance Penal Code Act, she will be disqualified from this contest.
  9. It must be understood that there will be no financial remuneration for transportation expenses to and from Bay City.
  10. Former Bay City Lions Club Rice Festival Queens and Contestants are ineligible.
  11. The contestant must attend all functions that are listed or required on an information sheet to be provided to all contestants.
  12. It is required that the contestant ride in transportation provided for her in the Bay City Lions Club Rice Festival Parade, on the following Saturday.
  13. The contestant that is crowned Queen of the Bay City Lions Rice Festival must be available to attend any public event or festivities to represent the Bay City Lions Club during the year that the Club deems necessary.


  • HEB
  • Wells Fargo
  • STP
  • Matagorday County Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Matagorda Regional Medical Center
  • United Rentals
  • Oxea
  • Happy Radio
  • Photo Graphics
  • Lyondell
  • Bay City Community Development Corporation
  • Rio Colorado
  • Prosperity
  • ConocoPhillips
  • LCRA
  • Celanese
  • Ad Vantage
  • First State Bank
  • Sprint Waste Services
  • Lyle Printing
  • AEP
  • Hometown Radio 96.1 KIOX
  • Don Davis
  • Champion Turf Farms
  • McADA Drilling Fluids
  • Fastenal
  • McDonalds
  • Gateway Mortgage
  • BAYCEL Federal Credit Union
  • IBC Bank
  • Poco Playa
  • Matagorda Construction and Materials
  • Bay City Tribune
  • Rice Belt Warehouse
  • Mr Tire